Online content

Referencing our online content from within the museum is an important way of increasing engagement across our digital platforms and extending our connection with visitors.

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If content on an interactive will also be hosted online, point users to a shortened URL that redirects to the necessary location online.

Use this format:

The URL should:

  • be memorable and uniquely associated to this specific exhibit/interactive
  • not include additional unnecessary branding or organisation jargon (eg, the user doesn’t should have to remember ‘Nga Toi, Arts Te Papa’ at this point)
  • use dashes (-) for spaces. If the URL does require these, create a duplicate URL without the spaces to catch people who forget.

Example of referring to an interactive’s specific content:

Watch these videos online at

Google Analytics parameters should be added to the destination URL, example:

Use the parameters as follows:

  • utm_source= Where was the message that the user read? Was it for an interactive? Or on signage inside the museum? (For example, museum-exhibit)
  • utm_medium=
  • utm_campaign= Identify the exhibition involved, if any (for example, anzac-print-gallery)

Consider the user journey your visitor will take. Where will they land from this URL? Is it immediately obvious how it is linked to where they saw the URL? Is all relevant content grouped/related/easy to find from here? Will it date well or will this page become redundant before the exhibition is over?